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Monday, July 1 – Sunday, July 7

Check our calendar view at any time to make plans beyond this week.

west coast swing classes every wednesday

West Coast Swing Classes Every Wednesday!

Join in the fun to learn a new dance! West Coast Swing is a partner dance that can be done to almost any genre of ...
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Parlor Picnics

Parlor Picnics: Word Offering

Join us for our last Parlor Picnic of the Summer on August 4th, featuring the theme “Word Offering: A Foretaste of Seasons Reaching for Spring.” Enjoy an ...
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Ocala's Thursday Spin Jam

Ocala’s Thursday Spin Jam

Hey friends (and howdy strangers)! It’s time to get together and play with some props! This is Ocala’s local led and fire spin/flow jam, hosted ...
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